NEC USB3.0 controller

Posted on: 五月 29, 2009

NEC this Monday announced develops global first section USB3.0 controller µ PD720200.The USB3.0 peak value transmissibility may reach 5Gbps, compared to existing USB2.0 standard quick 10 times.But although the USB3.0 interface structure has been unable the compatible USB1.x equipment, but µ PD720200 will still continue to maintain to the USB2.0/1.1 downward compatibility.

NEC called its new style chip foreign sets at type hard disk in particular SSD solid state hard disk watershed, these two product transmission speed all must be higher than the existing USB2.0 interface rate, therefore the USB3.0 speed expands is these product gospel without doubt.But the USB3.0 standard also surmounted firing line 800 in the technical specification.

The next month, NEC will provide this section chip testing version to the USB3.0 equipment factory, the monolithic selling price will be 15 US dollars.But they had not disclosed when first section will appear on the market based on this chip USB3.0 product, only called USB3.0 product month sales volume will promote to this September to 1,000,000, but to 2010 second half year USB3.0 equipment then will move towards the popularization.



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