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WordPress 2.8 Beta 1 發佈,有興趣的朋友可以前往下載幫忙測試。

WordPress 2.8 Beta 1 正體中文語系檔,skyfate版也同步發佈了,有需要的朋友也可以前往下載。

更新:WordPress 2.8 Beta 1 zh_TW 中文語系檔,Kirin Lin 版也完成了,同樣有需要的也可以前往下載試用。


How to enable the default WordPress cache in 3 easy steps

Note: This information applies to WordPress versions less than 2.5 only.

Ready? Implementing the default WordPress object cache is remarkably simple:

1) Enable the caching mechanism — open your wp-config.php file and set the value of ENABLE_CACHE to “TRUE”:


2) Create the cache directory — create a folder called “cache” and place it within the wp-content directory:


3) Make the cache folder writable — ensure that the folder is writable by setting its permissions to 755 or 777.